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Aluminum backplane Precision Stamping
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Aluminum backplane Precision Stamping

Description: Metal stamping process
Machinery: 50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine
Material: Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass
Processes: Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing
Tolerance: 0.10mm
Surface finish: Powder coating /Electroplating/galvanizing /Polishing/Anodizing
Environment friendly: all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.
Quality system: ISO9001

Sheet metal punching is a pre-formed manufacturing solution, which is a process of cutting into geometric shapes or holes after removing material from a metal plate by applying a large enough shear force to the mold. Through the upper and lower two standard-shaped punches and dies, the punching position can be controlled in the form of numerical control codes to achieve very precise position requirements, and irregular punch shapes can also be customized to create special complex shapes.

This is one of the most mature technologies in metal manufacturing.

Precision CNC sheet metal punching is a low-cost alternative to laser cutting.

Our automated CNC sheet metal stamping turret can accurately process the most complex forming features, perforations and patterns at high speed. Sheet metal stamping is the most effective method to produce precision metal products with many holes.


Our Global Customers Rely On Us For Mid to High Volume:

·     Aluminum Stampings

·     Automotive Stampings

·     Metal Stampings

·     Fourslide and Multislide Stampings

·     Stainless Steel Stampings

·     Long Run, High Speed Stamping

·     Progressive Die Stampings

Stamping Metal from the Design Forward

As a premier metal stamping manufacturer our commitment to equipment is evident, but it really is our engineering expertise that transforms standard stamping into a metal working masterpiece.

Customers typically involve us early in the process of designing their stamped metal products. Pengfeng’s quality assurance team is driven by data and we strive for and achieve continuous improvement. We are happy to share our world class quality metrics with you.


Metal stamping process


50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine


Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass


Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing



Surface finish

Powder coating /Electroplating/galvanizing /Polishing/Anodizing

Environment friendly

all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.

Quality system


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