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Aluminum Sheet Deep Drawing Component
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Aluminum Sheet Deep Drawing Component

Description:Metal deep drawn housing,sheet hydroforming tank, metal deep drawn case,metal deep drawn part
Machinery:50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine
Processes:Metal deep drawn&stamping
Surface finish:Anodizing
Environment friendly:all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.
Quality system:ISO9001

This assembling component made by metal deep drawn process from largo ton hydraulic machine for refrigeration equipment assembly.

aluminum sheet deep drawing component


Metal stamping – sometimes called metal pressing – is a cold-forming process used to produce a wide range of parts and products from coil strip metal. As a cold working process, it is usually performed at room temperature with room temperature materials. Stamped components range in both size and shape, from simple parts 0.08 to 2.0-inches in diameters with a maximum length of 3.0 inches for various industries.

Deep drawing – also referred to as deep drawn or deep draw stamping – is a form of metal stamping that generates seamless round enclosures (i.e., cases) that are at least as high (or taller) as they are wide. Examples of typical deep drawn components include cans, housings, and other containers. They are particularly well-suited for use in demanding environments where reliability and tight tolerances are critical, such as in the electrical and electronic technology industries.

A standard deep drawn stamping operation includes the following steps:

Designing the part. Every stamping operation begins with a design for the intended end product. Once the design is complete, the manufacturer can determine what dies and punches are required to achieve the shape and size of the component. Some factors to keep in mind include the dimensions of the part, the customer’s requirements, and which methods to employ.

Determining the material. Based on the above, they then determine which material suits the part and production specifications. Typical materials used in deep drawn stamping operations include aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and low carbon steel.

Performing the stamping operation. Once the part design and material are set, the manufacturer can move on to the stamping phase. Using the press and tooling (i.e., punches and dies) they identified during the design phase, they gradually form the blank into the part. Each station – i.e., draw or reduction – decreases the diameter and increases the height of the material, with a single part generally taking five or more stations to achieve the desired shape and size. The number of draws or reduction required depends on the part design and the type and thickness of the stamping material.


Metal deep drawn housing,sheet hydroforming tank, metal deep drawn case,metal deep drawn part


50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine




Metal deep drawn&stamping



Surface finish


Environment friendly

all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.

Quality system


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