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Aluminum Sheet Deep Drawing Shell
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Aluminum Sheet Deep Drawing Shell

Description:Metal stamping deep drawing service
Machinery:50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine
Material:Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass
Processes:Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing
Surface finish:Powder coating /Electroplating/galvanizing /Polishing/Anodizing
Environment friendly:all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.
Quality system:ISO9001

We specialize in manufacturing complicated products, and will produce your small, medium, or large deep drawn stamping with the highest levels of precision and quality.

Deep drawing is a highly skilled and challenging process. Pengfeng utilises cutting-edge deep drawn stamping technology to deliver maximum efficiency, at the lowest possible cost. The process creates metal components with minimal waste and is often more cost-effective than traditionally machining, casting or moulding parts.

Except stamping deep drawn process,we can also provide secondary operations such as trimming, piercing, and forming; if volume is too low to justify tooling for these additional operations, we can trim and pierce via laser cutting,which makes it possible to add openings of any shape in any location of a deep drawn part, adding to production flexibility, reducing total capital investment for tooling, and speeding production for short, medium or long runs.


Deep drawn stampings are often stronger and more cost effective than components manufactured using alternative manufacturing processes.

Complex component designs can be achieved through deep drawn stamping on progression and transfer tooling, often negating the need for secondary operations

Batch to batch repeatability ensures component consistency and high quality.

With abundant deep drawn stampings experience, Pengfeng can produce custom deep drawn components in virtually any metal type, including less common grades to suit your specific application.

Deep drawn pressings are often adopted by the automotive, medical and food processing sectors, typically in the form of caps, casings and canisters. If you are unclear whether deep drawing is the right manufacturing method for your metal pressings, our team will be happy to help.


Metal stamping deep drawing service


50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine


Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass


Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing



Surface finish

Powder coating /Electroplating/galvanizing /Polishing/Anodizing

Environment friendly

all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.

Quality system


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