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Anodization Surface Treatment
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Anodization Surface Treatment

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Anodization Surface Treatment

What is anodizing?

Anodization is a surface treatment process that allows you to add an oxide layer to the aluminum surface using the electrolytic process. Just like chrome plating, this process will involve applying electrical currents on the aluminum surface to trigger the anodization process. It can strengthen the aluminum surface and add an anti-corrosion property to it.Here are some important aspects of anodization:

Types of Aluminum Anodization

There are three types of aluminum anodization process, which are Type 1, Type 2, and Hardcoat. Type 1 anodization will create a very thin oxide layer on the aluminum surface, which will make the aluminum die cast dyeable, with a low corrosion-resistant property. Type 2 anodization will create a thicker oxide layer for the aluminum surface, making it easier for you to apply dyes on it. It also has a higher corrosion resistance level.

Hardcoat anodization will apply the thickest oxide layer on the aluminum surface, and it will also be the easiest to apply dyes to it. Aside from that, you can also get the highest level of corrosion resistance, along with the abrasion resistance property.

Anodization Steps

The steps for anodization have some similarities to the chrome plating steps. First, you need to clean the aluminum die cast from various contaminants on the surface. Second, you will need to place the aluminum die cast into the electrolytic solution. And third, you will need to apply the electrical current to trigger the anodization process.


Surface treatment is necessary for aluminum die casting, as it can add important properties that will improve the quality of the aluminum die cast.This is the process that will allow you to add a surface layer to the aluminum die cast to make it have better toughness, better resistance to corrosion, and better aesthetics. Following the surface treatment guidelines is important to ensure the best results for the surface treatment process on the aluminum die cast.

Anodization Surface Treatment