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Basic knowledge of metal stamping
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Basic knowledge of metal stamping

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Basic knowledge of metal stamping

A industrial technique known as metal stamping, sometimes known as metal pressing, uses specialized stamping dies to cut and shape items from flat sheets of metal. It is employed in the production of a wide variety of components for various business sectors and industrial uses. The method is described in detail in the following article, along with the fundamental operational concepts, tools used, options offered, and typical industries served.

Introduction to Metal Stamping

As a cold working process, metal stamping is typically carried out in a room temperature environment using room temperature materials. The stamping presses, which contain the stamping dies, apply the force required to shape and cut the workpiece into the required shape and size. While both short and long production runs are appropriate for this method, it is typically utilized to make huge amounts of identical metal components and products.

Metal stamping press types

Based on how they function, stamping presses can be categorized into three broad categories:

machines that print metal. In mechanical stamping presses, stamping operations are powered by a motor that is coupled to a mechanical flywheel. They typically have pressing capacities ranging from 20 to 6,000 tons and stroke rates between 20 and 1,500 per minute. In high-volume progressive and transfer stamping operations, they are frequently employed.

hydraulic presses for stamping. Pressing force is produced by pressurized hydraulic fluid in hydraulic stamping presses. They are capable of adjusting stroke and speed. The range of pressing capacity is 20 to 10,000 tons. They are frequently used for low-volume production runs of intricate parts and goods.

servo mechanical stamping presses. High-capacity motors are powered by a link-assisted or direct drive system in mechanical servo presses. In contrast to what mechanical or hydraulic machines could accomplish, they are typically employed to produce complicated components in shorter amounts of time.

Metal stamping die types

Two groups of metal stamping dies can be distinguished:

Compound and combination dies fall within the category of single-station dies. While combination stamping dies conduct two or more actions with a single press stroke (such as cutting and flanging), compound stamping dies execute numerous operations with a single press (such as multiple cuts).

Progressive dies and transfers dies are two types of multi-station dies in which the various stamping processes they carry out take place sequentially across a number of stations. A variety of progressive stamping dies are available. Each tool is set up in its own station and carries out a particular stamping operation (such as cutting, punching, bending, etc.). Progressive stamping dies and transfer stamping dies are similar. However, earlier in the stamping process, they utilized to process workpieces that are cut off from the bigger sheet metal.

Processes for Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a broad word that includes many procedures, including:

To create the desired component, holes must be cut into a sheet of metal throughout this operation.

In this procedure, the desired component is cut from the sheet metal piece.

The sheet metal is bent or curved during this procedure. When using the coining technique, the punch penetrates the workpiece more deeply in order to release internal stresses and create long-lasting bends or curves.

On the workpiece, flares or flanges are made using this procedure.

Raised or recessed numbers, letters, and other graphics can be added to the workpiece by this procedure.

Industries Metal Stamping Serves

Many different industrial, commercial, and consumer parts and products are made using metal stamping. The following are a few examples of the industries that commonly use the method for their production operations:

Aerospace Appliance

Automotive Electronics

Energy Manufacturing

Medical Supplies


Metal stamping is a very flexible manufacturing technique. Depending on the tools (presses and dies) utilized and the processes carried out, it can be used to make a wide variety of metal components. Turn to the professionals at US Metal Crafters if you're seeking for a metal stamping partner. We can meet almost any metal stamping requirement thanks to our significant manufacturing expertise and cutting-edge metalworking machinery.