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Basic knowledge of zinc die casting
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Basic knowledge of zinc die casting

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Basic knowledge of zinc die casting

Zinc die casting is a die casting process with zinc alloy as the main raw material. Manufacturers will use high pressure and high temperature to convert zinc alloys into molten zinc during hot chamber die casting. Then, the manufacturer injects the molten zinc alloy into the mold cavity to produce various industrial parts.

Using zinc die casting, manufacturers can save a lot of money in raw material procurement and rapid mold processing. This process can produce parts with high precision and high dimensional stability. In addition, the finished components and assemblies will have high heat and conductivity.

Advantages and disadvantages of zinc die casting


1.Thermal energy and conductivity.

2. Affordable production processes, including material and mold costs.

3. Durable, high precision, good dimensional stability.

4.Different zinc parts can be easily connected.

When you no longer use zinc elements, you can recycle them.

6.As a metal plate, corrosion resistance.


1.Zinc components and assemblies may be very heavy, so it will not be suitable to use zinc to create lightweight components and assemblies.

The temperature needs to be set correctly, because higher temperature will reduce the durability of zinc materials.

Zinc can resist corrosion, but when you mix other materials together, the corrosion resistance of zinc will decrease.

Basic knowledge of zinc die casting