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Classification of Stamping Moulds
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Classification of Stamping Moulds

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Classification of Stamping Moulds

Stamping molds are classified according to their process properties: blanking dies, bending dies, stretching dies, forming dies, and riveting dies.

1. Blanking Dies:

Molds that separate materials along a closed or open contour line. Examples include blanking dies, punching dies, cutting dies, slitting dies, trimming dies, and parting-off dies.

2. Bending Dies:

Molds that produce workpieces with a certain angle and shape by making the sheet metal blank or other blank materials bend along a straight line (bend line).

3. Stretching Dies:

Molds that make the sheet metal blank into an open hollow part or further change the shape and size of the hollow part.

4. Forming Dies:

Molds that directly copy the shape of the patterned convex and concave molds to form blanks or semi-finished workpieces with only local plastic deformation of the material itself. Examples include bulging molds, necking molds, expanding molds, undulating forming molds, flanging molds, and shaping molds.

5. Riveting Dies:

Molds that use external forces to connect or overlap participating parts in a certain order and manner to form a whole.

Classification of Stamping Moulds