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CNC machining parts of the analysis and how to improve quality?
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CNC machining parts of the analysis and how to improve quality?

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CNC machining parts of the analysis and how to improve quality?

Process analysis of cnc machining parts

1.The part drawing's dimensioning technique has to be adjusted to the peculiarities of CNC machining.

The measurements should be specified similarly on the component drawing for the CNC machining, or the coordinate dimensions should be supplied directly. This marking approach makes it easy to preserve the integrity of design benchmarks, process benchmarks, inspection benchmarks, and programming origin settings, in addition to making it easy to coordinate dimensions in mutually beneficial ways. Assemblage and other usage characteristics are typically taken into account by component designers when dimensioning, this forces them to employ a largely scattered marking technique, which will present significant difficulties for process organization and CNC machining.The local scattered labeling method can be changed to the same reference citation size or the labeling method that directly provides the coordinate size because CNC machining and repeated positioning have very high precision and won't be harmed by significant accumulation of errors.

2.Conditions for the geometrical components making up the part's contour should be sufficient.

The base point or node coordinates must be computed when using manual programming. All of the geometric components that make up the part's shape must be established before automated programming can begin. The provided conditions of the geometric elements must thus be examined to see whether they are sufficient when examining the part design. For instance, the arc and the straight line, or the arc and the arc, are tangent on the drawing, but when the tangent condition is calculated, the size shown on the drawing causes it to be the intersecting or separating state. Due to inadequate conditions of the geometric elements of the components, it is impossible to start programming. When encountering such a situation, it should be resolved through consultation with the part designer.

How to improve the surface quality of CNC machined parts?

1.Plan cut-in and cut-out paths sensibly

Design the cut-in and cut-out path when processing components with a CNC machining center to maximize the cutting angle of the machine tool. Planning the cutter cutting is required to accomplish the desired result of eliminating cutter markings and ensuring that the surface quality is not compromised. To achieve a clean contour surface, the tool's cutting point is often located towards the edge of the component. In order to ensure the cutting quality, the cutting tool should be as tiny as possible while choosing the feed rate and allowed to continue cutting at a modest pace.

2.Select the cutting technique properly

There are two methods of down milling and up milling when utilizing a CNC milling machine for processing. Down milling produces a superior final result than up milling. Therefore, while processing components, attempt to choose down milling to enhance the surface quality of the parts when conditions allow. In order to minimize markings from the tool connection, it is also vital to choose the same turning tool for the machining of various journals as much as feasible while turning shaft components.

3. Make use of modern, effective tools

Tools are essential to the effectiveness and performance of CNC machining centers. Not only must the ideal technological procedure be considered for the machining of parts with high accuracy requirements, but also the choice and usage of innovative, high-efficiency tools. New tool ideas may be used in today's tool optimization design to more logically address issues with machining safety, accuracy, surface roughness, high-speed cutting, and the capacity to improve cutting routes.

4. Make use of the top CNC machining software

Improve the quality by optimizing the CNC machining program to deliver the best CNC data for processing. When compared to conventional machine tools, CNC machining centers demand more from operators in terms of operating skill in processing components as well as programming and process analysis skill. It is essential to optimize and simplify the program in order to increase production productivity and assure machining precision.