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Deep drawing and secondary operations
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Deep drawing and secondary operations

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Deep drawing and secondary operations

On specially prepared metal blanks, deep drawing can involve multiple deep drawing operations. Multiple paints can be applied with separate paint tools per paint operation, resulting in seamless (no gaps) sections. The proprietary method we use produces higher quality parts and often eliminates the need for X-rays to verify void-free manufacturing integrity. Deep drawing allows secondary operations, such as custom fabrication, light assembly, and finishing, to be performed on the part.

The Pengfeng facility can perform a full range of secondary operations, including CNC Machining, Spinning, Welding (Heliarc & Spot), Dip Welding, Heat Treating (Aluminum), Anodizing and Iridium, as well as Painting (Powder and Wet); all on-site. With a single purchase order, most processes can be completed under one roof and under the control of our comprehensive quality assurance program in our clean and efficient facilities.

If you need steel deep drawn parts, metal deep drawn products, sheet metal deep drawn part, please contact us.