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Deep Drawn Process
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Deep Drawn Process

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Deep Drawn Process

The meatal deep draw process is ideal for high-volume manufacturing. By using this process, companies can produce components with exceptional repeatability and accuracy at a lower cost than by using other processes, such as turning and milling.

What is the Deep Drawing Process?

Due to its high precision capabilities at large volumes, deep drawn processes are extremely popular among manufacturing companies. As a result of the innovative process, blanks are manufactured into your specific tool set to offer maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Our Deep Drawn Process Works

In deep drawing, a metal blank is pushed into a cavity around a die, which starts the process of drawing the blank into the desired shape. Deep-drawn components are produced in gradual stages to ensure an even distribution of the metal across the final shape, which is important for maintaining their strength and integrity.

Please watch the animation below to see how our deep drawn process works:

The Benefits of Deep-Drawn Components

When precision is critical, deep-drawing is the ideal process for high-volume metal components with batch-to-batch repeatability. The deep-drawn process produces components that are strong despite their relatively light weight. It's also perfect for creating precise cylindrical 3D shapes. Aluminium cans are one example of an item which is typically created through this process, but there are countless shapes which could be crafted through this technology.

With over 45 years of experience in the manufacturing of deep-drawn components, we manufacture from a wide range of substrates including:


Stainless steel

Carbon steel





When it comes to deep-drawing metal components, Pengfeng will be your manufacturer of choice when it comes to sharing our expertise with you. Speak to us about your latest ideas and plans, and we’ll see how we can ensure that you are completely satisfied in your relationship with us.