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Development and Trends of Sheet Metal Fabrication
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Development and Trends of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Development and Trends of Sheet Metal Fabrication

In recent years, China's sheet metal processing enterprises and manufacturing industry have more and more become the world's manufacturing center and consumer power. As one of the basic industries of the manufacturing industry, the sheet metal processing industry has also achieved unprecedented development.

The improvement of the sheet metal processing industry is the main evaluation aspect that best reflects the comprehensive ability of a country's manufacturing industry. The development of the industry will reflect the improvement of the overall quality of the country's developing economy. China has been a member of the World Trade Organization for many years, but the current sheet metal processing industry is still in a complete mess. Emerging national industries are just starting out and are on a small scale. Industrial integration can cope with the impact of foreign enterprises and ensure that the national industry occupies a place in the competition. In the next 5–10 years, China's sheet metal processing industry will not only expand its scale to meet domestic demand but also integrate production, supply, and demand on the advanced Internet in order to remain invincible, faster, and better. Be ready for foreign development.

With the rise of China's manufacturing industry, China's sheet metal and manufacturing industries have developed rapidly. According to the "Market Demand Forecast, Transformation, and Upgrading Analysis Report of the Sheet Metal Processing Industry" released by the Forward Industry Research Institute, as early as 2012, there were more than 30,000 enterprises (workshops), 2 million employees, and an annual output of about 42 million tons of sheet metal parts. In 2016, the sales volume of the sheet metal processing industry was about 688.5 billion yuan. However, in general, the sheet metal processing industry started late, the industry scale is generally small, and there is a lack of production and technical personnel. It is difficult to define the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and there is no competition with international multinational companies. The strength of the fight

At present, the economic benefits of sheet metal processing in China are generally good, and the operating profit of many industrial enterprises is more than 20%. The sheet metal processing industry is mainly engaged in the distribution and processing of automobiles, shipbuilding, precision machine tools, precision instruments, communication electronics, elevators, and other industries. Most of the partners are large foreign companies. With the further deepening of cooperation and continuing, they learned the advanced technology, strict standard production environment, and production process management experience so that the key parts and key technologies can gradually localize, corresponding to a reduction in foreign enterprises purchasing key parts from abroad and a reduction in the production cost of manufacturing enterprises.

The profit level of the sheet metal processing industry mainly depends on product quality and processing accuracy, products and value-added services, downstream user enterprises, and upstream raw material prices. Therefore, in the future, with the increasing technical content of products in the industry, the impact of raw material price fluctuations on products will gradually decrease, and the trend of the industry profit level will improve. At the same time, the trend of the future profit level will mainly depend on product quality and precision, product value-added services, downstream customer industries, and other factors. With the rapid development of China's automobile, communications, rail transit, aerospace, home appliances, medical equipment, container head manufacturing, and other industries, China has become a world manufacturing center. Sheet metal processing has also achieved unprecedented development. The introduction of advanced foreign equipment has driven the continuous development of equipment and technology. Fully automatic CNC equipment replaces the simple, low-precision past of semi-automatic sheet metal processing equipment. Sheet metal manufacturing technology is developing in the direction of digitalization, integration, intelligence, and information technology. As a sheet metal process design connecting the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts, it should also adapt to its development and change and constantly improve and perfect.