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How are stamped parts produced?
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How are stamped parts produced?

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How are stamped parts produced?

The characteristics of the shape, size, precision requirements, raw material specifications and mechanical properties of stamped parts are analyzed in conjunction with the available stamping equipment specifications and mold manufacturing conditions, production batch size and other factors to determine the stamping process of the part. A good stamping process should ensure minimal material consumption, fewer steps, less equipment required, simple mold structure with high durability, stable product quality, and easy operation.

The molds used for stamped parts are called stamping dies or simply dies. A die is a specialized tool used to mass-produce the required stamped parts from materials (metal or non-metal). Dies are essential in stamping; without dies that meet the requirements, mass production of stamped parts would be difficult to achieve. Without advanced dies, advanced stamping processes cannot be realized. Stamping processes along with molds, stamping equipment and stamping materials constitute the three elements of stamping processing; only when they are combined can stamped parts be produced.

How are stamped parts produced