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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal processing?
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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal processing?

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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal processing?

Do you know how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal processing for cabinets? Here we will take you to understand

The key to see four levels: look at the spray, thick steel plate, laminated glass, spare parts. Aluminum casting cabinet, is made of aluminum casting or block production and processing forging, it has a very good compressive strength torsional strength stiffness, seismic grade and impact resistance and heat row characteristics, in addition to the cabinet sheet metal processing surface production and processing cost-effective, beautiful and generous appearance design, with the advantage of high specification accuracy. However, the net weight should be slightly heavier than other types of cabinets, and the manufacturing cost is high and the production and manufacturing time is long. Therefore, the common sheet metal processing nowadays is the cold rolled steel cabinet of this kind of material. Look at the surface of the cabinet sheet metal processing spraying, good cabinet all the stainless steel plate must be sprayed, and to spray the proportion, that can guarantee a very good anti-rust treatment and anti-fouling.

Steel profile cabinet, is the choice of steel profiles and thick steel sheet metal bending composition welding welding or steel profiles welding and aluminum alloy castings assembled structure form, can reach the general ship with the standard, but because the steel profiles have deformation problems, plus the cabinet inside the spare parts is also very important, if the cabinet contains cable management method control module so that the cable can immediately fixed immobile in the vertical installation track, it is good but If the cabinet contains a cable management control module that allows the cables to be immediately fixed in the vertical mounting rails, then it is better. No matter which condition, the cabinet internal wall and the outer wall should have enough fixed immobile ring (to maintain the cable), but also according to the bottom of the cabinet to lift up, to facilitate the lower side of the wiring. There are also some screws, nuts, etc. used to fix the immobile sound card rack, but also a certain amount. That can prevent future expansion and the inconvenience of not enough spare parts.

The cabinet electric welding welding when the deformation is big, can't clear to participate in the ground stress, its precision is poor. Look at the thickness of the thick steel plate, just knock with your fingers to understand the thickness of the thick steel plate, but also the internal support frame of the cabinet is also thicker than good, because sometimes the machine and equipment installed inside is heavier, if too fine to see the words can not bear the net weight of the machine and equipment.

Today's cabinet raw materials with the number of cold-rolled steel. Cold-rolled steel in the room temperature state is not caused by redox reactions, so the surface is cost-effective, high precision specifications, coupled with annealing treatment of its physical properties and the use of performance are better than hot-rolled cold-rolled steel. Look at the laminated glass, laminated glass and thicker, especially to pay attention to see if there are cracks near the laminated glass, if you have to propose or do not want.