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A metal stamping process's production procedure
06-05 2023

A metal stamping process's production procedureIn the cold-forming manufacturing process known as metal stamping, large-scale processes are used to transform flat metal sheets into unique forms with details like bends, holes, grooves, and slots. An important phase in the design process is choosing t

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Problems easily in the deepening of metal stamping parts
05-16 2023

Depening is a complex metal forming process in which the metal plate is pulled into the forming mold through the punch, thus applying different types of stress to the material blank. If the depth of the part is greater than its diameter, the operation is considered drawn-deep. This can be done by re

What's the difference between stamping and die-casting?
05-11 2023

Stamping is a kind of metal processing method that is based on the plastic deformation of the metal and the use of molds and stamping equipment to apply external force to the plate, strip, pipe, and profile so that it produces plastic deformation or separation so as to obtain the required shape and

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These several important factors need to be considered in the metal stamping processing
05-09 2023

In the metal stamping operation, we need to consider several important factors and design considerations, as well as the precision hardware processing operations! Precision hardware processing operation Post-stamping production operations can include deburring, tapping, reaming, and boring processes

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6 common metal stamping processes
05-09 2023

In metal stamping processes, they differ in type depending on the shape they reach. According to different industry needs, forging a variety of complex design processes, such as common consumer goods, aviation, electronics, telecommunications, automobile manufacturing, and other industries, the whol