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What's the difference between stamping and die-casting?
05-11 2023

Stamping is a kind of metal processing method that is based on the plastic deformation of the metal and the use of molds and stamping equipment to apply external force to the plate, strip, pipe, and profile so that it produces plastic deformation or separation so as to obtain the required shape and

Comparison of Zn and aluminum Die casting process.jpeg
These several important factors need to be considered in the metal stamping processing
05-09 2023

In the metal stamping operation, we need to consider several important factors and design considerations, as well as the precision hardware processing operations! Precision hardware processing operation Post-stamping production operations can include deburring, tapping, reaming, and boring processes

What is the difference between aluminum die casting and aluminum alloy die casting.jpeg
Sheet Metal Stamping Vs. Fabrication
05-06 2023

Sheet Metal Stamping Vs. FabricationMany of our clients wonder whether metal stamping or fabrication is right for them. Each of these techniques is a good choice for different reasons. Look over the details below to see which method will best serve your needs. Sheet Metal Stamping Sheet metal sta

Advantages of Precision Stamped Sheet Metal Automotive Parts.jpg
Do you really understand sheet metal stamping?
04-27 2023

Sheet metal stamping is the process of transforming metal sheets into a functional part or component. The required shape is stamped out of the metal using a stamping tool, often called a die, in a press. With great power, the die is pushed into or through the metal. Tons represent the amount of forc

Types of sheet metal processing stamping processes.
03-20 2023

Sheet metal processing stamping process can be roughly divided into two categories, there are separation process and forming process separately.1. The separation process is to make the stamped parts and blanks separate from each other along certain contour lines during the stamping process, while th