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Comparison of Zn and aluminum Die casting process.jpeg
These several important factors need to be considered in the metal stamping processing
05-09 2023

In the metal stamping operation, we need to consider several important factors and design considerations, as well as the precision hardware processing operations! Precision hardware processing operation Post-stamping production operations can include deburring, tapping, reaming, and boring processes

What is the difference between aluminum die casting and aluminum alloy die casting.jpeg
Characteristics and process of the stamping process
05-09 2023

The stamping process is a metal processing method built on the basis of metal plastic deformation and the use of molds and stamping equipment to apply pressure to the plate material so that the plate material produces plastic deformation or separation so as to obtain a certain shape, size, and perfo

2Introduction of basic knowledge of aluminum alloy die casting.jpeg
Some knowledge of metal stamping that you need to know
05-06 2023

The Stamping ProcessMetal stamping is a manufacturing process in which coils or flat sheets of material are formed into specific shapes. Stamping encompasses multiple forming techniques such as blanking, punching, embossing, and progressive die stamping, to mention just a few. Parts use either a com