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Problems easily in the deepening of metal stamping parts
05-16 2023

Depening is a complex metal forming process in which the metal plate is pulled into the forming mold through the punch, thus applying different types of stress to the material blank. If the depth of the part is greater than its diameter, the operation is considered drawn-deep. This can be done by re

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Metal stamping processing process of various metal materials
04-20 2023

Metal can be stamped to get the desired shape. Metal can also be used in the production of various products, such as vehicle production, but will need to make different shapes, otherwise will be unable to complete the entire production process, in the process of production choose stamping process to

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Types of Metal Stamping Operations
04-18 2023

Types of Metal Stamping Fabrication The types of metal stamping operations employed in a metal fabrication plant are as follows:Progressive Die StampingIn progressive die stamping, a metal sheet is unrolled, fed into the press, and then passed through various tooling stations that each carry out one