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Meatal Deep Drawn Process.jpg
Problems easily in the deepening of metal stamping parts
05-16 2023

Depening is a complex metal forming process in which the metal plate is pulled into the forming mold through the punch, thus applying different types of stress to the material blank. If the depth of the part is greater than its diameter, the operation is considered drawn-deep. This can be done by re

Advantages of Precision Stamped Sheet Metal Automotive Parts.jpg
Do you really understand sheet metal stamping?
04-27 2023

Sheet metal stamping is the process of transforming metal sheets into a functional part or component. The required shape is stamped out of the metal using a stamping tool, often called a die, in a press. With great power, the die is pushed into or through the metal. Tons represent the amount of forc

How to select a sheet metal processing manufacturer.jpg
Metal stamping processing process of various metal materials
04-20 2023

Metal can be stamped to get the desired shape. Metal can also be used in the production of various products, such as vehicle production, but will need to make different shapes, otherwise will be unable to complete the entire production process, in the process of production choose stamping process to

Design Principles for Stamping Processing.png
Design Principles for Stamping Processing
03-29 2023

(1) The design of stamped parts must meet the requirements of product use and technical performance, and be easy to assemble and repair.(2) The design of stamped parts should be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, and