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Photographic Equipment Stamping Deep Drawn Cover
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Photographic Equipment Stamping Deep Drawn Cover

Description:Metal stamping deep drawing service
Machinery:50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine
Material:Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass
Processes:Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing
Surface finish:Remove burrs and grease\
Environment friendly:all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.
Quality system:ISO9001

Deep drawing is one of the most widely used processes in sheet metal forming,which widely in the manufacturing of industry for Appliances, Automotive, Aviation, Communications, Instruments, Electronics,Machining Equipment,Medical Equipment and so on.

photographic equipment stamping deep drawn cover

As a manufacturing method, deep drawn stamping offers several advantages to industry professionals. While it may not be ideal for every part or production need, such as the manufacture of complex components, it does provide the following benefits:

High accuracy and tight tolerances. The deep drawn stamping process is highly precise and repeatable. Its use of custom-tailored tooling enables manufacturers to produce parts to near-exact dimensional tolerances and maintain consistent dimensions between parts and from one batch to the next. Together, these qualities ensure higher overall production quality, lower error rates, and better customer satisfaction within the delivered products.

Few process steps. Deep drawn parts require fewer operations to produce as they do not require any cutting or assembly. Additionally, their high precision, combined with their accommodation of automation and other rapid production methods, necessitates less manual labor requirements.

Fast process speeds. Compared to other manufacturing equipment, punch presses generally offer the fastest processing speeds. This quality is ideal for producing large quantities of a single part or product.

Large production volumes. Deep drawn stamping is ideal for large volume production projects. Once the dies and punches are ready, the presses can perform operations near-continuously with fast speeds, little downtime, and minimal operator involvement.

Low production costs. While the tooling for a deep drawn stamping may require a significant initial investment, once it is purchased or created, operations can proceed with little downtime or additional equipment costs. When used for high-volume production runs, the per-unit cost goes down even more, especially given the lower manual labor demands and faster processing speeds. Companies can further minimize the cost of production by converting to the deep drawn process versus alternative manufacturing methods (i.e. screw machining, cold heading).

Seamless parts. Deep drawn parts are produced from a single blank that is neither cut nor fused. The resulting piece has no seams or joined edges, making for a watertight or airtight component.

High hardness and strength. During deep drawn stamping operations, metals experience work hardening. This phenomenon results in a crystalline structure that offers little movement, translating to extremely hard and durable parts.


Metal stamping deep drawing service


50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine


Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass


Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing



Surface finish

Remove burrs and grease\

Environment friendly

all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.

Quality system


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