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Reasons and solutions for mold and spots on the surface of aluminum alloy die-casting parts
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Reasons and solutions for mold and spots on the surface of aluminum alloy die-casting parts

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Reasons and solutions for mold and spots on the surface of aluminum alloy die-casting parts

In the manufacture of hand plate models and subsequent small batches, large batches of aluminum alloy die casting will appear moldy and mottled. How to treat the case, find the key to the problem, and fundamentally optimize and improve In the early stages of making the hand board model, the company will study and analyze the reasons in advance so as to provide customers with subsequent smooth production supplies and services, so as to avoid danger in advance and help customers with their worries at home. Especially in the plum rain season, it will attack from time to time; this is the problem of aluminum alloy die-casting mold, commonly known as "long mildew point". "mildew powder", "mildew". Sometimes a few, sometimes a thousand, not only constitute a lot of waste, but delayed delivery or customer complaints about mildewed products also damage the image of the company. What a terrible pain! What should I do? Some companies have adopted the method of wiping the temporary treatment, but this kind of rework requires labor and money and cannot cure the root cause. Of course, it can be wiped clean and is still saveable, but some have now corroded to the interior, like earthworms climbing on it, especially on the light surface, which is really ugly! If you can't deal with this problem, trust that he will attack.

Aluminum alloy die casting, in the process of storage, the appearance of the original is mottled. The first has the following reasons:

Corrosion of aluminum alloy

The phenomenon of chemical or electrochemical interaction between aluminum alloy and the environment leads to changes in alloy composition and function damage.

The corrosion of aluminum alloy is mainly divided into two types:

A.Aluminum alloy produces a chemical reaction with acid and alkali solutions to form a solution containing aluminum ions.

B.Aluminum alloy in the electrolyte solution attacks "primary battery corrosion";

The Dy of Aluminum Alloy

Mildew is caused by microorganisms. At a certain temperature and humidity (10-40 °C; 25-40 °C is the most active temperature; humidity> 65%), microorganisms in the appearance of aluminum alloy can erase the gray plaque.

The cause of aluminum alloy mildew

The preservation environment, temperature, and humidity are suitable for mold growth.

The appearance of aluminum alloy products, mixed with tidal awakening substances, absorb water from the intended air, constitute the "primary battery corrosion reaction" and the construction of a honey gold live growth environment

Aluminum alloy by the dry "primary battery corrosion reaction", the appearance of the alkaline compound, after delipolysis, humidity and temperature are appropriate, and mold growth is rapid.

Aluminum alloy product appearance; there is oil, plant fiber, and other suitable mold growth "soil", Once the humidity and temperature are appropriate, mold growth is rapid.

In view of the above problems of deciphering and decryption, the corresponding countermeasures are becoming more and more clear, and the following solutions can be adopted:

From the analysis of the causes of die-cast aluminum mildew, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion: the oxidation problem is not a single factor; it involves internal and external processes, storage, and other aspects, together with cleaning, pressure inspection, storage, transportation, and other processes that need to consider the oxidation, which will cause mildew. So this is an inductive problem, and you need to develop a whole treatment plan.

Floating clean environmental protection cleaning technology from the cleaning agent, antioxidant, process, storage environment, storage mode, and other perspectives can deal with the problem of aluminum alloy die casting hair dance and can supply die casting aluminum live washing, pressure inspection, and check each lecture of anti-oxidation external square an.