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Sheet Metal Hydroforming Part for Kitchen Range
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Sheet Metal Hydroforming Part for Kitchen Range

Description:Metal deep drawn housing,sheet hydroforming tank, metal deep drawn case,metal deep drawn part
Machinery:1000T pnumatic press machine
Processes:Compound die stamping
Type of welding:Robot welding
Surface finish:brushing
Environment friendly:all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.
Quality system:ISO9001

This is the base holder of kitchen range,using laser cutting,deep drawing,bending,welding process to manufacture and brushing to finish.

Sheet metal hydroforming part for kitchen range

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Deep Drawn Stamping Process

The Process of Deep Draw Stamping

The deep draw process is necessary for parts with a depth that exceeds their diameter, like beverage cans, deep pans, assembly housings, and other containers. A blank piece of sheet metal is positioned over a die, and a punch is used to force the metal into the die and create a custom shape. Once the die is made and tooling set, the process is relatively inexpensive, especially for high-volume production, because it can be completed with minimal downtime or maintenance.

From start to finish, the deep draw stamping process is as follows:

1. Engineers provide a design.

2. Our Engineers review the design and determine whether the part can be created with our 50-1000 ton presses.

3. We consider the ideal thickness, shape, and radii of the finished part and what will work best based on customer specifications and our expertise. Typical parts we create are between 0.005 and 0.5 inches, with extremely tight tolerances. We can also make dies up to four feet wide and eight feet long.

4. We implement Finite Element Analysis, or FEA. This allows us to virtually create the part using the final design and accurately simulate the entire manufacturing process. Any problems with design or tooling can be easily discovered and changed before it costs time and money.

5. Based on material requirements, we select the right flat metal sheet. Options include aluminum, brass, copper, and steel.

6. As part of set up, Engineers note the depth of the part and the degree of radius. They position the die and punch properly on the press. The metal sheet, or blank, is placed on the die.

7. The punch is applied against the die with force, which shapes the workpiece as desired. This process is repeated to produce the correct depth and size.

The finished part, having been created from a single sheet of metal, is strong and seamless. The precision of the process allows it to be completed quickly, for less technical labor costs and quicker turnaround times.


Metal deep drawn housing,sheet hydroforming tank, metal deep drawn case,metal deep drawn part


1000T pnumatic press machine




Compound die stamping



Type of welding

Robot welding

Surface finish


Environment friendly

all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.

Quality system


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