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Stainless Steel Plates Stamping Process
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Stainless Steel Plates Stamping Process

Description:Metal stamping process
Machinery:50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine
Material:Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass
Processes:Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing
Surface finish:Powder coating /Electroplating/galvanizing /Polishing/Anodizing
Environment friendly:all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.
Quality system:ISO9001

Metal stamping is the fast production of complex parts – zero error production, tight tolerances and less wastage.

Stamping parts with tight tolerances

Pengfeng has over 15+ years of experience stamping precise parts for large manufacturers of equipment for the medical, electronic, automotive and energy sectors. We have produced stamped parts for customers in the medical, electronics, energy and automotive industries for over 15+ years. Our metal stamping parts are characterized by high precision, traceability and full documentation.

Stainless Steel plates stamping process

Our products are often hidden from sight, but they play an important role in our customers’ final product. We produce components for car antennas, hearing aids, mobile phones, thermostats, instrument, electronic devices, car engines, windmills,furniture and many other products.

Stainless Steel plates stamping process Stainless Steel plates stamping process Stainless Steel plates stamping process

Metal stamping guarantees competitive rates and low unit costs. We can produce advanced stamping parts by stamping, deep drawing and moulding. Using complex progressive dies, we can produce parts in fully automatic stamping presses. Another benefit of stamping is that we ensure optimal use of the materials which results in less wastage. If you need special parts with thread or screws, please contact us.

Stainless Steel plates stamping process

Progressive die stamping process

High-volume stamping is also known as progressive die stamping, which is an automatic, unmanned process. The metal sheet is run through the stamping press directly from a coil. When the metal sheet has been stamped, washed and inspected, it will be coiled again. For progressive die stamping, we will manufacture a stamping tool that can produce parts in thicknesses from 0.05 to 2mm. This is a recommended stamping process for high-volume production of more than 10.000 parts per year. If you have a low-volume production, we will use a different process.

Delivery, packaging and assembly of stamped parts

We deliver your components in boxes, packaging or coiled on reels. For easy assembly, we can package your parts in tape on reel, trays or other types of packaging – if you want a special kind of packaging, we are open to investing in a solution. If you need assembly of your stamping parts or further processing, we can help you with that too.


Metal stamping process


50-315T punching machine ,100-1000T hydraulic machine


Steel,aluminum,stainless steel,brass


Laser cutting&stamping&deep drawing



Surface finish

Powder coating /Electroplating/galvanizing /Polishing/Anodizing

Environment friendly

all materials and processes are Rohs conformed.

Quality system


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